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18 January 2024

8 PM IST (Live Session)

Deepak Poddar

MSME Finance Expert, CEO - Balaji Credits.


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2000+ manufacturers financed , 200+ manufacturing startups financed

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I want to raise funds to buy plant & machinery but do not have a collateral security

I am unaware of which loan to take for plant and machinery that will get me Govt. subsidy

I want to start a new manufacturing unit, but I am not getting loans due to lack of 3 years financial or income proof

I have confirm orders in hand but I am not getting business loan to execute

I have borrowed unsecured business loan and loan against property but I still have shortfall of funds and don't know what to do

I have taken business loans repayable in EMIs which are impacting my cashflow and I am not getting more loans

If you have checked ANY of the boxes above, then you’re invited to join The MSME FINANCE WORKSHOP.

Still wondering if this FREE WORKSHOP is for you?

First of all - No, this workshop is not only for manufacturers who are sincere about their business and who are looking forward to raise funds. But this workshop is also for people who are either unable to even start their manufacturing business or who have started and are unable to expand due to lack of finance.

Existing and Startup Manufacturers

Existing and Startup Manufacturers

Client's Speak

Mr. Mahesh Pandit, Owner, Tisya Building Products

Mr. Prathmesh Madye, Director, PPM United Infra Consultants Pvt. Ltd.

Mr. Parshuram Chavan, Partner,
Swami Krupa Industries

What Will You Learn In This Value Packed WORKSHOP?

5 loans which do not have EMIs at all

Common mistakes which converts 60% manufacturers into NPAs

2 loans which are not visible in your balance sheets but yet you can use them

Securing your debtors by Non Fund Based Loan instruments

My secret strategies which helped me raise funds for 200+ startup manufacturers

How to keep on borrowing and yet remain an eligible borrower

Register for this WORKSHOP & Get BONUSES WORTH ₹25,999/- Plus Additional Priceless Bonuses For First 100 Registrations

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You are not the first to get benefited from this WORKSHOP

2000+ manufacturers including 200+ startups in India have taken the consultation & transformed their financials through the right strategies😁 😁

Meet Deepak Poddar

Deepak Poddar


2000+ Manufacturers benefited

200+ start-ups benefited

Virtual CFO to 100+ companies

Associated with 50+ brands for financing

Hi, I am Deepak Poddar, I help small businesses to raise funds as per their required investments strategically that saves them from failing due to wrong financial decisions

I started my career as a financial consultant in 2004 and got fair success but failed in 2008 due to fall out of Lehman brothers which bought huge recession in India due to which most of the financial institutions stopped financing temporarily.

I restarted my journey after quitting with retail loans and ventured dedicatedly into MSME financing whereas I achieved a great success and was successful in helping small businesses across india. During COVID-19 pandemic, I ventured into Supply Chain Financing activities whereas I learnt about the secret strategies of Corporate companies which small businesses never follow. Today I am associated with brands like TTK prestige Ltd, Arvind Mills Ltd, etc

Frequently Asked Questions
( FAQ )

I’ve tried my best to answer all frequently asked questions. For further queries, please email me at My amazing support team will reply within 12 hours.🙂

Almost 60% of the msme’s struggle to accomplish their goals in lack of finance. Moreover they are the most vulnerable to fall prey to loan products which are easily available but may harm in longer term. This workshop will be helpful for msme’s to get aware of the right strategies to borrow

All the loans borrowed for business where as you pay interest only on utilised amount for the utilised number of days is cheaper

This workshop is not only for those who needs business loan, but also for ones who have a vision to grow and will need finance for business may not be today

But in future. This workshop can also be an eye opener for the msme’s who have never come across non-conventional way of borrowings and for those who are more cost centric than opportunity

Once you have registered for the workshop, you will receive a confirmation from us on email

The date and timings of the workshop has been mentioned on the top of the page.

Apologies! But as this workshop is free in nature, Recordings wont be available.

Please write to: OR connect on whatsapp +919321322864 and our awesome support team will get back to you within 12 hours.